It’s been raining non-stop this summer, haha. I like it when it storms though, so I’m not really complaining. My summer is boring this year anyway. My birthday is in 22 days! Which means I get my permit!!! That is like the only thing I’m looking foward to this summer. School starts in freaking 34 days, R.I.P me. I’m not ready to be a highschooler, but whatever. I don’t really have anything to talk about. It’s the same thing every other day. My dads girlfriend screaming at him, slamming doors, etc. Oh wait, actually, today she through her jewelry everywhere because it was tangled and she couldn’t get the one she wanted. She has earrings that had a little bottle hanging down made of glass and it was filled with sand, that broke and the sand went EVERYWHERE! When she left, being the nice person I am, I cleaned up HER mess and hung all of her jewelry back 🙂