Weight loss journey

WARNING! Please do not do O.M.A.D as a daily diet routine without all the right information, it is NOT healthy!
Around this time last year, I decided to go on a diet. I was doing O.M.A.D (One Meal a Day). I told myself I was only going to do it for a week. But when I started to see how fast results were and how much weight I was losing, I ended up getting addicted to it, felt guilty whenever I did eat something and went 7 months eating one meal a day and going to the gym at the apartment complex or would work out from home. Weekends I had my cheat days. I ended up losing 50 pounds. I felt GREAT. I felt confident in myself again and anything that I wore. Eventually, I stopped losing weight and was ONLY able to maintain. I started eating a few meals and snacks during the day and saw that I was still maintaining my weight and wasn’t gaining. So I got cocky and pushy. Continued to eat, stopped working out and ended up gaining 25 pounds again at the beginning of this school year. Wasn’t as confident anymore and hated my body figure. Recently, I started doing Omad again, I fasted a few times as well. But then, i decided I was going to go on walks/runs every night. First I started off with only doing one mile because I wasn’t sure how far my body could go. The next day after, I decided to push myself to see how far I could go. Ended up running 3 miles. I felt amazing, knowing I pushed myself and made it. On my third run, I got a message from my little sister, telling me “I’m proud of you. Like I’m fr proud of you. If you had a channel you could be an inspiration to most girls who could never do that”. That boosted my confidence and made me feel good. I decided to start making better eating habits. Staying away from junk food, drinking lots of water, and eating more than only one meal a day. I weighed myself the other day and saw I was losing weight again. I’ve been going on 3 mile runs for the past week, doing other workouts in my bedroom and the feeling of being confident and finally liking my body figure again are back. I wanted to make this post to remind myself that no matter how hard this gets, no matter how bad I just want to go “I’ll do extra tomorrow”, that I can push myself always and never give up, that in the end I’ll look back on those moments and be so proud of myself for not giving up. (Literally. I’ve been running in the cold too because I refuse to skip days). I’m also hoping that making this post motivates and inspires other young females AND males to push through it even when you want to give up.