Long Time.

I haven’t really been using this much. A lot of things happened and I got so caught up in everything else that I forgot about this and never really logged on to right anything. I’ve been really stressed these past couple of weeks. I’ve had the same constant headache for the past week, medicine doesn’t work, nothing works. So I literally just have to deal with it /: I sleep a lot more too. Sometimes I sleep more school (which isn’t the best idea, but my grades are still good, so.) I sleep as soon as I get home sometimes. I really don’t eat a lot, but sometimes I will. I’m losing weight, too. And it’s not from working out either /: I’m supposed I be going to Therapy again this Saturday, but I don’t want to, because when we used to go, it really didn’t help or do anything. Everything still felt the same. I’ve just been really stressed. I feel so physically and emotionally drained. All I want to do it sleep. If anybody still ACTUALLY reads what I post, I’m sorry it’s been so long. And I’m sorry this first post back in a while was so sappy, but just thought I’d post.. Have a good day!


  • Mommy

    I love you princess. I still read 🙂