9/9/18, First Time I Rode A Dirt Bike

Yesterday night was the best! My friend that I’ve known since 1st grade, her parents invited us to come over, hang out and eat dinner. That is all I thought was going to happen when we went over to their house. Well, I was wrong. They have a garage full of four wheelers and dirt bikes. I didn’t want to be rude and ask if I could ride, so I didn’t ask. But, They offered, but I didn’t know how to ride so I said no. They then said they would teach me. They taught me how to start the bike and shift gears!!! It didn’t have a clutch, but it was gas operated so I had to kickstart it and everything. It was so much fun! I rode for like 5 hours! I was so happy. I forgot about all the problems I was having in reality. I was so upset when we had to leave. I will never forget last night.