Stress and anxiety

It’s 2:35 AM right now, and I’m currently in bed with major anxiety. Every night I get anxiety before bed, every thing runs across my mind, making it impossible to sleep. I got my very first real job about a month ago. So I have a job AND school. I know much teenagers do now a days as well, so it’s not a “big deal” to them. I don’t know how they did it, but I’m really stressed out and over whelmed by everything. I feel like I don’t have time for myself at all anymore and I’m not even an adult yet. It’s school, work, cleaning the house, and repeat. I get really bad anxiety the night before I have to work. I work at a Mexican restaurant, so it gets overwhelming sometimes. Tomorrow is cinco de mayo, which means it’s going to be PACKED. So I’m already freaking myself out about that, because last time it got super busy, I ended up having a panic attack in the kitchen LOL. It’s not really funny but. As I get older I notice my anxiety gets worse and worse and I’m not sure how to handle it sometimes. A lot of people get put on medication for it, but I don’t want to, there’s a lot of drawbacks and I don’t really like the idea of that. Anyways, I had nothing else to do so I figured I’d just jump on here and write a little something.