She left again :/

Today, my mom left to be with Walter Ravon Dawson again :/ She came up to me at the dance studio and told me if I don’t see her in a couple of days, not to be worried or upset. I wasn’t upset or worried at the time. But now that I know where she is going, I’m upset all over again. When she came home the last time and told us that she was gonna work her hardest and get through this as a family, I thought she was telling the truth.  It’s just 1 lie on top of another lie. She promised us she wouldn’t lie to us anymore. Every child needs a mother! How do you expect them to grow up and be the best that you want them to be if you aren’t even there supporting them or telling them how proud you are of the person they are growing up to be? You have to encourage your kids so they know that you care about them and that you ARE proud of them. I’m the kind of person who hates it when someone has something bad or upsetting to tell you, but they DON’T have the guts to do it in person. So, they have to text it to you because they are scared. If YOU want to tell me something, get off YOUR butt and come HERE and tell me. God gave you hands and feet for a reason, not to text ME everything. I never knew how much bruises and scars my body could actually take. I wish that I didn’t have to go through this. But, things never go as planned or as expected. You never know how much you care about someone or how much you love someone until you lose them…

So, what happens when I need you the most now? You’re gone

I NEVER want to be around Walter… I have read stories, as a matter of fact, I read a story in school about a family separating and then the daughter going to visit her mother while she is with her boyfriend and then the daughter gets raped… No thank you, But, I am NOT taking any chances. No matter how much you tell me “Walter is a good person, he would never do that” I will NEVER believe it, or you. Do not even try to convince me. I just DON’T understand what Walter has that daddy doesn’t. because if I don’t recall, daddy would NEVER leave us, ALWAYS cared for HIS kids, ALWAYS made sure YOU were okay, ALWAYS asked “What’s wrong?” when he knew YOU were upset or feeling down, and ALWAYS cared about YOU and for YOU. And I do realize that I’m only 14, but, if I ever see Walter in person, there WILL be some problems! So, therefore, keep him OUT of MY sight!!! And I’m just gonna throw this out there too, DON’T come back home. Because you lied to us again, after you PROMISED YOU WOULDN’T. And because we will get so excited that you came home and then you will walk out on us again and then I’m gonna be heart broken ALL OVER AGAIN! And I DO NOT like this feeling at all, because it really affects me as a person, and my mood. It’s so sad that you can’t even trust family anymore. I DEFINITELY have trust issues…. We should just move. I also told my dad he should burn all of the wedding pictures, and her favorite pillow.