School Meeting

Monday, May 21st, I had a meeting with my school, they told me I was a very gifted student. But they also told me I had difficulties in math, like I had told them. But, overall, they told me I was great at all of my other subjects. I’ve always had problems with math. Sometimes it’s really easy for me, and other times it’s difficult for me. Everyone tells me how smart I am, but I don’t believe it, sometimes I doubt myself a lot when I really shouldn’t. I have way more common sense than I do book smart. I’m proud of that, so I’m not complaining. The school also had me fill out a form about what I wanna do when I get older. I said I wanted to be a journalist so they will put me in the right classes for being a journalist. I’m kind of excited for Highschool and then college. But I HATE waking up early and taking test, doing homework, ect. But I’m exited to be successful. It’ll be worth it later in the long run. Starting tomorrow at 11:20, I’m on summer break! I’m so excited for that!!! But… It’s gonna go by extremely fast, I know it. But, that’s life and it happens. This is going to be totally off topic, lol. But, I find myself always watching “13 Reasons Why” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Right now, I am watching Grey’s Anatomy and I’m in love. I rememer always sitting on the couch watching it with my mom all the time. Brings back memories. A lot of memories.