OMAD diet

Woah it’s been awhile since I’ve been on this diet. So, I decided that I wanted to start losing some weight because I wasn’t too happy with my body. I started feeling very insecure about it, and I often compare myself to all the other girls at my school ): it’s not a good thing, I know. But I realized the only person who can change MY body, is ME. So, I looked up some diets I could do that would help me lose weight FAST also with working out. I wanted results quickly, not slowly. I ended up finding this diet where you eat One Meal A Day (OMAD diet). I only meant to do it for like a month, but it’s been like 3-4 now? Oops. I have to say, it isn’t that bad once you get used to it. I’ve lost a lot of weight, especially in my face everyone tells me, and I guess I see it a little, and that’s exactly what I want. I work out when I get the chance, I don’t do it every night, let me be honest. But I do it sometimes. I’ve cut back on the snacks and junk I eat. I ONLY drink water. I do have cheat days because I read that it helps your metabolism. When I started I was about 178.7? I’m like 164 now. I know that’s not much weight. But let me be honest, like last week, I went through a really stressful phase, and all I did was eat to make myself feel better ): I felt better AT the time, but after it was all over, I didn’t feel good at all. So I’ve started back up again and I’m going four days solid 😉 I will continue to do my diet until I’m happy and get where I want 🙂 dedication baby