My dad is a Genius

My dad built me a super computer, and I’m so happy!  And if I were to buy a computer like this in the store, it would’ve been $2,000 I’m so happy that my dad is so smart and able to do this. My dad is so good at doing this that he built Me one, and My Grandfather one in 3 days. I can play games on it, and play on the gaming websites that my dad built and owns! Not only did he build these computers, but he was smart enough to hardwire and network the entire house with a server and Theater server with a fire wall that can prevent us from being hacked. I think he is good at just about everything he does, Expert at shooting, awesome at fixing cars and car stereos, awesome at fixing houses… Just about everything, I could go on and on, but it’s to much to type. Some kids take everything for granted but, I’m not one of those kids. I see my friends with their dad who are in jail, and I am glad that my daddy is NOT a criminal, and takes care of his kids and family.