Long time, no see

So, I was supposed to be doing a countdown until Christmas but, School got in the way and I had a lot of Mid-Terms to study for. So, I obviously studied for them and forgot about the internet. Christmas was okay I guess. I got everything that I asked for, but it was hard on me because it was the first Christmas that we weren’t a full family. I also got my nails done, twice now actually. First time I got them done I got red and white for Christmas, (red on my ring finger). 2nd time I got them done was 3 days ago, and I got midnight blue and white, (white on my ring finger). And I am really enjoying them like they are so pretty! Lol. But, just an update because I don’t think I said it before but, I haven’t been wearing my brace for my knuckles because they were starting to feel better. Sometimes I wear it to sleep though because I don’t want to sleep on it wrong and hurt it again. I will try my best to keep you guys updated but, I have school and need to study for things to keep my grades up and everything!