When I found out my parents were separated

May 26, 2017 was just like any other day. We got up and got ready for our last day of school for our Award Ceremony. I got an award for having Merit Honor Roll. After the Ceremony we were supposed to go out to eat, but instead, my mom said we were going straight home. I was laying in bed waiting for my brother to come home. When he got home my dad came into my room and told me to go out into the kitchen for a Family Meeting. I remember my dad started crying and told us that it wasn’t our fault. He told us that my mom has been living with somebody else instead of studying for her boards, because she is a doctor. I was upset, disappointed, mad and, disgusted in her. I’m still upset about everything that has happened. A lot of kids in my class grew up with a broken home. I used to be the only kid in my class who didn’t have a broken family. But, I can’t say that anymore. My parents also told me they lied to me for 3 years because they didn’t want to hurt me, they wanted to protect me. I remember that I used to cry myself to sleep because I knew something wasn’t right. I remember hearing my mom always yelling at my dad, and that mad me hurt a lot, I didn’t like it. I also remember one night I was watching YouTube, and I heard my dad say to my mom “If you don’t want to stay here anymore, then leave.” and my mom said “Okay, I will!” She said it so loud. And I cried all night, because I couldn’t fall asleep.I felt like my mom always tried to start fights on purpose with my dad so he would tell her to get out, but he NEVER did. Because my dad loved her and didn’t want her to leave. My parents told me they wouldn’t lie to me anymore, I feel like I can only believe my dad when he says that. I think my mom still lies to me after she promised she wouldn’t. It’s hard to believe something someone says when you have been lied to for so many years. But, I know for a fact my dad hasn’t lied to me after he promised he wouldn’t. I know I can always trust my dad. He has never let me down, NEVER failed me, and he always has my back! I remember after they told us what was happening, I kept slapping and pinching myself, telling me to wake up from this Nightmare. But, I was already awake, and it wasn’t a Nightmare. It was real life.