My brother was in a car accident

Today, I got a notification that my brother was in a car accident. It was really scary. The roads were wet because it was raining all day, He was going 40 MPH around a curve, and he flipped his SUV and it spun around on the roof.  He crawled out of the SUV and looked down at his arm and saw that he ripped his arm open. He took his shirt off and wrapped it around his arm. He tried to call 911 but the crash detection on his phone wouldn’t let him dial the number. He then tried to call my mom, still didn’t work. So he walked around the corner to one of his friends house and told them to call 911 for him. Then my parents showed up at the crash scene and took pictures, they were really upset. My brother was then transported to the Trauma Center. My brother had to stay in the hospital because he had to have surgery to repair his arm. The surgeon said he was very lucky that he didn’t lose his arm.  My sister and I were home alone, so my Aunt came and took my sister and I to my grandfather’s house.

June 5th, 2017

My brother is having surgery today. And before his surgery they gave him drugs and my parents took a video of him, it was really funny! His surgery actually happened at 2:00 Pm. His surgery went well, and we will have to stay at my grandfather’s house again, because he has to stay at the hospital tonight.

June 6th, 2017

My brother came home today, I get to leave my grandfather’s house and come back home. We asked my grandfather if we can barrow his recliner. and he said yes, so my dad and I loaded it into the back of his truck and brought it home for my brother. Because he has to sleep sitting up. The surgeon said it was going to take a while for is arm, tendons, ligaments, and muscles to heal. I’m happy that I am home and I’m glad my brother is alive!