This is just something on my mind.

I’m honestly just really tired of being lied to, by anyone. It’s become like a habit to lie? I mean, one lie does get followed up by another one, but now it just seems like lying is what you do to seem “cool” now? That’s how it was with cussing? Everyone started doing it because they thought it made them seem “cool”. Now everyone’s lying. So I guess that’s the thing now. It’s sad. It makes me laugh because someone makes up something as the lie, and then you accidentally slip up and throw yourself under the bus, then when you get caught, you play it off and make up another lie, hoping they’ll believe you, right?  Can’t people just tell the truth about things, not having to lie? Lying ruins things. Trust. Relationships. Families. Friends. (I’ve learned this the hard way) And anything else you can think of. I keep my circle small FOR this reason, but I guess it’s not small enough? Not just that, but the more people you let into your life, the more the chances are of the more people walking right out of your life. Anyways, have a good day.