21 Days

21 Days until Christmas!

Today we didn’t go to school because my brother and I went to Shands to get X-Rays, etc. So, I got my X-Ray first, they pulled us into a room and told us since it’s been 2 months since I punched the bedpost, it was probably fractured and it healed wrong. But, the X-Ray showed that I had torn ligaments and tendons. He mentioned something about surgery. And I stopped listening at that point. So, I really don’t remember what he said about that. Then he said if we forget about the surgery and let it do its own thing and heal, it would take until the end of this year. So, I’m gonna wait it out and let it heal! I have to say, the doctors there were really nice! Didn’t feel too pleasant when they were squeezing my hand and moving it around to see where my pain was at. But, other than that, I liked them.