Old man butt hurt by 13 year old

The homewrecker is still stalking me, he is just jealous because on his best day a 13 year old is smarter than he is. He can never amount to my dad, my dad is a GENIUS!  My dad can build a website in less than 24 hours. My dad can hack IP addresses. My dad once tracked down an old black man who was a pedophile and tried to flirt with me over the internet. And my brother is just as smart as my dad, they back-tracked his IP address and sent him a virus.


And you know what, at least we are good kids because we aren’t pregnant at the age of 13…. Because my parents are good parents! And know how to discipline right, unlike some parents. One day that chimp will pay 🙂 It’s kind of sad, pathetic, and gross that I’m getting stalked by a old man. Perhaps I should call the cops. Because I feel a little harassed. He is the worst kind of person, he tries to hide behind God. He is like the devil’s disciples, he tries to hide behind the shadows of darkness. Not only are YOU (Walter) a Homewrecker, you are also a stalker…

  • Mommy

    Devil in disguise baby girl. But you see, he has to stalk because he does not want all his other girls to find out what a loser he is. Manipulative, cheating criminal. Sad a 13 year old knew better.

    • precise14010

      That is the pot calling the kettle black. You should be ashamed of yourself for putting on a show for these kids and telling all your lies, sadly, you are not ashamed nor are you truly sorry. You are JUST LIKE him.