The first time I met the homewrecker

Sunday, May 28th, At 8:30 Am, My mom picked us up and brought us to her apartment where she was staying with Walter. The apartment was nice and clean,  but outside the apartment  smelt like really bad Weed, and cigarette smoke.  It was gross. They had a pool, the pool water was clean, but the pool deck was dirty. When we got in the room, Walter wasn’t there yet. We unpacked all of our stuff and got “comfortable”. After all of our stuff was put away, we went to the store and got snacks and food to eat while we were there. I was trying to have a good time with my mom, but the only thing I could think about was him showing up. My sister, mom, and I baked cookies, brownies, and  watched 13 Reasons Why. Then my mom got a phone call from Walter, he told her to come pick him up because “he was having car problems”. But, what really happened was that he got pulled over by the Cops, Again, and almost got arrested for the 4th time. So, we had to leave and go pick him up. He got into the car and looked at us and said “Sup girls” Like he was cool or something. I felt like I was being forced to say “Hi” back because my mom was starring at me in the rear view mirror.  We brought him back to the apartment, and then My sister, and I packed all of our stuff up. We left at 2:30 Pm to go back to our real home with our dad. When I got home, later that night I was laying in bed thinking about what happened that day, and the more I thought about it, the more sick to my stomach I became. It was one of the most uncomfortable feelings I have ever felt in my life, being around that monster.