Dirt Bikes

Okay, I haven’t gotten over my obsession with dirt bikes, and I never will! I’m so obsessed and want one so bad it’s not even funny. I want one so bad I’m saving up my own money to buy one. I don’t even have a job`yet, so I’m saving up by doing chores to get chore money or selling some of my electronics to get money. Dirt Bikes are expensive themselves, but I’m gonna need enough money for the Dirt Bike and all the gear. I’m so serious about this that I’m trying to do whatever it takes to get the money I need. If I had a dirt bike, you’d never see me inside on my electronics. Catch me ousside on my dirt bike how bow dat. 🙂 It’s like a Cartoon for me, some kids wake up in the morning and watch Cartoons. I wake up and watch Motocross or Supercross. I’m in LOVE with it.