Back to a Normal Family

My mom is no longer with the child beater, and she is never going back! I’m so happy. The animal is a cheater in half! I’ve been praying every morning and every night for answers and for her to come home. God answered them both! She came back home today and is staying! My dad woke me up early this morning and said: “Mommy is coming back home, she found out Walter was sleeping with other women” I was saying it from the beginning, I knew he was cheating on her. My dad taught me well and for having a father like him, I picked up a few things. See, instead of going to church to confess your sins and ask for forgiveness, You go there and try to steal money. Because you’re a thief. You go to church to make yourself look like a “good person” on the outside, but now we know you are ugly inside and out 100%. Maybe you should reconsider about going to church and actually become closer to God, Walter.  Because following Jesus has brought so much Joy into my life. “Everything happens for a reason” explains a lot….. Maybe one day the cops will realize that they did something stupid by not locking you up. Have a nice life cheapo 🙂